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The LE Level 1 and Level 2 courses and the Coach Training CCE_BLACKare ICF accredited and carry Continuing Education and Continuing Coach Education (CCEU) units

Level 1 – the Basics
level1imageUpcoming Level 1 event
This 2-day ICF accredited workshop offers participants an introduction to LE, language, practices and principles. We all have a reactive pattern that is unskillful and shuts down possibilities to relate to ourselves and others in the way we want. At this workshop, you will learn foundational tools and practices so that you can discover your pattern and be able to shift to a more dignified, resourceful, and responsive state. Learn the fundamentals of how to come back to a centered way of being, so you can thrive in the complex and turbulent world that we live in.

At Level 1 – the Basics you can expect to learn these 3 energetic competencies:

  • Being inclusive even while under pressure;
  • Listening without taking things personally and having more data and information available for decision-making;
  • Being able to speak up without being aggressive or withdrawing.

Through Leadership Embodiment you will be able to tap into your innate intelligence, creativity, confidence, wisdom and courage even in difficult circumstances.
Our body is an important center of intelligence that is often beyond our awareness. Energy organizes around what is most articulate in our system. However, we don’t have to be stuck with our current patterns and through Leadership Embodiment we can develop increasing capacity to choose our responses in any given situation.

Level 2 – Harnessing the Energy
level2imageUpcoming Level 2 event
Bruce Lee said it clearly, “Under duress, we don’t rise to our expectations, we fall to our level of training.” Building on ‘Level 1 – the Basics’, the ‘Level 2 – Harnessing the Energy’ ICF accredited course offers participants an opportunity to deepen their awareness and explore their patterns and centering practice in a variety of situations. This workshop will introduce you to working with the wooden practice sword to raise energy and in crease your capacity for positive power, especially when Speaking Up.

At Level 2 – Harnessing the Energy you will:

  • Train your nervous system (which includes your perception and thinking) to be more relaxed and fluid in increasingly difficult and intense situations, and to have more choice.
  • Directly affect and influence the environment through your leadership presence.
  • Cultivate your magnetic leadership style.
  • Through increasing intensity of practice, become more effective quickly, with less effort and more impact.
  • Develop the body’s capacity for resilience, which is where our power resides.

Embodied Learning 2023
PartnerCenteringUpcoming practice group
We are offering in-person practice groups in Cape Town for us to connect with the community and the practice. Join us on these dates:

10 Februar 2023
24 March 2023
5 May 2023
9 June 2023
1 September 2023
13 October 2023
17 November 2023

Where: Pinelands Guide Hall, 9 Central Square, Pinelands, Cape Town
When: 10 to 12:30
Cost: R150 per session. Please note that you need to book a place beforehand, so if you haven’t received our invitations, then please email us.

For the last year we have brought new ideas and modalities into the group, shared by our teachers and coaches who bring a variety of skills to the practice groups. The Leadership Embodiment practices are still at the heart of what we do AND we have enjoyed exploring more embodied learning

We ask you to commit to the practice by paying for a session upfront. The payment method will be simple, facilitated through a link in the mailer you receive. The fee pays for the venue we are hiring for the practice.

Individual Coaching
As the physical exercises to explore your stress pattern, for centering and practising leadership competencies are done in pairs, Leadership Embodiment is ideally placed for individual coaching. Contact one of our Leadership Embodiment coaches in Cape Town and Johannesburg to find out more.

Embodied Presence — Leadership lessons straight from the horse’s mouthOudeMolen1Upcoming event with horses
This is a 1-day course of experiential and embodied learning with horses on ‘eye-level’, ie there is no riding involved and no previous horse experience is required.
Horses are tuned into the present and the intentions around them and they give us honest, immediate feedback without judging or taking things personally.
Coupled with their inclusive natures and willingness to work with us, this makes them
the perfect mirrors to observe and help us grow our relationship and leadership skills.

At Embodied PresenceLeadership lessons straight from the horse’s mouth you can expect to:

  • learn by observing horses’ leadership and co-operation ability
  • examine your leadership and teamwork patterns that emerge as a response of working with horses on the ground
  • explore how different moods and leadership styles affect interactions
  • motivate a horse and human team to successfully deal with obstacles
  • integrate the powerful feedback from the horse’s mouth about our way of being for take-away to office and home
  • have fun, escape the mundane and spend time with powerful, spirited and graceful animals.

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Coach trainingcoach training
Leadership Embodiment Coach Training (LECT) is an in-depth offering for professional coaches and experienced facilitators who want to deepen their experience with the practices and principles of the LE model and develop the skills to share the work with individuals, groups and organisations.