What clients say

“Although I am new to the Leadership Embodiment process, I already feel better equipped to manage the substantial daily stress that comes with serving as a Member of Parliament in the opposition benches. By its nature the role is complex and the environment is often hostile. I better understand how my body responds to leading and being led in this context and this has deepened my empathy and thus enhanced my effectiveness in representing the most vulnerable members of our society. Thank you.”
Dr Dion George, MP

“I have started engaging in the 4 part centering practice daily in my life and also with my coaching clients. I am just working with this practice for now, as it has enough depth and complexity to engage in with rigour and discipline on a daily basis. As I practice it in my own life, I have offered it to two coaching clients, both of whom are finding it tremendously useful and effective in business meetings and as a way to hold themselves during difficult conversations.”
Joanna Bown, Coach

“The work has really helped me in many ways and that has affected even my work and family.
Since being introduced to conscious embodiment I see things at work have changed. I work as a team leader or supervisor in a call centre and on daily basis I deal with angry customers, my team of 15 agents have been transferred from one company to the other, so I need to coach the agents in adapting and accepting change.
This work has really helped me and I think it would help more people here in South Africa especially because of our history with apartheid.”
Xolelani Sono, Line Manager

“Thank you for grounding my knowledge into a certainty. The course certainly gave me tools to translate my intellectual knowing into a more certain unwavering wisdom. I shared some of your embodiment movements with a client on Saturday morning and it took her to a new level of understanding, thank you!

The tools and the ‘felt quality’ in the body gives us such a reference point when dealing with chaos. (Normal everyday life!!!) So your course confirmed my commitment to going deeper into the work making the retreat a definite, thanks again.”
Ladina King, Coach

“I also did a bit of centering, and space observation during my difficult conversation on Friday – and the conversation had a completely different feel – I like the concept of a worthy opponent that helps me cultivate my center. True, the problem has not vanished, but the energetics between my colleague and I felt different – she even thanked me for my time. Thanks again, this is amazing work. Will recommend where I can!”
Amelia Muller, Group Head, Resourcing, Standard Bank

Watch a video of some of Wendy and Tiphani Palmer’s clients talking about their experiences with the work.


Watch Dr Dion George talk about how Leadership Embodiment assisted him in his work as a parliamentary whip.

Participants’ Feedback: Equine Coaching & Leadership Development Workshops
“The equine assisted leadership program is like no other, you walk into it believing that you know it all as a leader. I was truly humbled standing in front of this majestic creature as the horse didn’t care about my title and worked with me for who I am as a leader.
I had to look inside myself and had to discover who I am as a leader, both in my professional career as well as my personal journey, without a title that gave me this authority. I must thank Karen and Ute for being there and helping me understand the journey that I am on and for allowing me to horse around with them.”
Angelo Hendricks, Head of HR, Beam Suntory

“I loved being with the horses and it’s amazing how working with them showed up my leadership challenges and how to deal with them.The course was really skillfully facilitated and it’s well priced, too.”
Bernelle Verster, Bio Process Engineer

“I really enjoyed everything about it –  the venue, the exercises, the horses, and particularly the wisdom and insight that Karen and Ute bring to the interaction with the horses and holding the group and each individual’s process.
What I also particularly enjoyed is that they really brought the embodied aspect of the work so profoundly and visibly into the day, which is a great take-away leadership skill for each person to use going forward in their team and practice.”
Tanja Meyburgh, Founder and Director African Constellations, Registered Counselling Psychologist

“Thank you for a really interesting day. I had had limited interaction with horses before, and found them a bit scary, but you created a really safe space and I learned a lot about communicating, not just with the horse. I can now understand what it is that draws people to horses so strongly and appreciate how much we can learn from them.”
Diane Smart, Attorney

“Thank you so much for the wonderful Leadership with horses workshop last week. I found it to be quite a moving and spiritual experience to be around these magnificent animals who can teach us so much. I particularly enjoyed the ‘moods connection and centring process’ where it became so apparent that our ‘way of being’ is so infectious to those around us.”
Caroline Ravenall, Author and Ontological Coach

“I’m feeling the effects in my body of the time spent with those graceful and kind horses – to say nothing of the humans. Wonderful to … peel off another layer of the onion of self-knowledge.”
Jane Notten, CEO Rothko Brand Partners