Designed to fit the most demanding schedules, and be accessible in the most important moments, this app helps recover your “center” and provides a way to align your energy and get inspired.

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Books by Wendy Palmer
Dragons and Power Embodying Your Noble, Awesome and Shiny Dragon Spirit (2020) Paperback or Kindle
Leadership Embodiment How the Way We Sit and Stand Can Change the Way We Think and Speak (2013) Paperback or Kindle
The Practice of Freedom Aikido Principles as a Spiritual Guide (2010) Paperback
The Intuitive BodyDiscovering the Wisdom of Conscious Embodiment and Aikido (Third Edition 2008) Paperback or Kindle

Videos featuring Leadership Embodiment
Introducing Leadership Embodiment (5:01)
Wendy and Tiphani Palmer and some of their clients talking about their experiences with the work (2012)

Aikido – More than a Game (2:33)
Fetzer Institute video about Wendy Palmer bringing the LE work to South Africa (2015)

A Touch of Grace (33:46)
Wendy Palmer presents LE to 2000 participants at the Dermalogica Congress in Las Vegas (2015)

Mastery and Mystery (25:19)
Wendy Palmer introducing LE at the DO lectures (2014)

Leadership Embodiment Training (4:59)
French Leadership Embodiment Coach Pierre Goirand gives a 5 minute introduction to Leadership Embodiment training (2017)

Interviews featuring Leadership Embodiment
An Introduction to Leadership Embodiment (16:17)
Master Coach and LE Regional Director Karen White talks about Leadership Embodiment and its tremendous benefits (2018)

Leadership Embodiment International
The International Leadership Embodiment website featuring information, calendar and international LE associates

The Human Connection
Karen White’s coaching website featuring information and events
Ute Kühlmann’s website featuring information and events about Leadership Level 1 courses in Germany (facilitated in German)