Johannesburg Level 1 — Fundamentals Course

Campbell House 2 Campbell St, Johannesburg, Waverley

Would you like to:
• experience less stress and be more relaxed?
• have simple and profound practices where you can regain balance and ease?
• use practices as a way of working with unskillful patterns and revitalising yourself?
• be able to get more done with less effort?
• build a positive leadership culture through your effect on the environment?
• have a simple, quick and very effective way to rebalance yourself?
• have a more powerful presence and with it the capacity to take action?
• be experienced as a someone with presence, wisdom, confidence and compassion?
• be able to integrate these practices across all areas of your life resulting in greater efficacy and improved relationships?

Johannesburg Level 1 — Fundamentals Course

Living Essence 17 Cambridge Ave, Craighall Park, Randburg

What difference would it make if you could:
- Experience less stress?
- Have a simple daily practice to enable you to regain your centre?
- Get more done with less effort?
- Be a more powerful influencer through your non-verbal presence?

Leadership Embodiment Coach Training

Fouriesburg Country Inn 17 Reitz Street, Fouriesburg, South Africa

Leadership Embodiment Coach Training (LECT) is a 6-month in-depth offering for professional coaches and experienced facilitators who want to deepen their experience with the practices and principles of the LE model and develop the skills to share the work with individuals, groups and organisations.

CANCELLED — LE Retreat with Wendy Palmer

Temenos Corner of Bree and Voortrekker Streets, McGregor, McGregor, Western Cape, South Africa

The Retreat is an intensive immersion process that blends a mindfulness approach to discovering what stops you from achieving your full potential with building greater capacity for collaboration, empowerment and skilful action. The 3 and ½ day retreat involves sitting meditation and LE partner exercises. Wendy Palmer, the founder of LE is the lead instructor. She brings a simplicity, ease, and compassion to the practice , and creates a safe container to explore whatever is arising.

CANCELLED — Cultivating Positive Power with Wendy Palmer

Fouriesburg Country Inn 17 Reitz Street, Fouriesburg, South Africa

A workshop with Leadership Embodiment founder Wendy Palmer that focuses on how we grow our awareness of power and use it more skilfully.

Cape Town Level 2

Kelvin Grove 144 Campground Road, Newlands, Cape Town, South Africa

Deepen your practice learnt in Level 1 so that it becomes more embedded and accessible in your daily life and grow your ability to share the work with others.

Embodied Learning Practice Group

Pinelands Guide Hall 9 Central Square, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

We are back to in-person centering and more!
Join us for this month's Embodied Learning practice group at the Guide Hall in Pinelands


Cape Town Level 1 Course – the Basics

Kelvin Grove 144 Campground Road, Newlands, Cape Town, South Africa

We all have a reactive pattern that is unskillful and shuts down possibilities to relate to ourselves and others in the way we want.
At this workshop, you will learn foundational tools and practices so that you can discover your pattern and be able to shift to a more dignified, resourceful, and responsive state.
Learn the fundamentals of how to come back to a centered way of being, so you can thrive in the complex and turbulent world that we live in.

You will learn these 3 energetic competencies:

- Being inclusive even while under pressure;
- Listening without taking things personally and having more data and information available for decision-making;
- Being able to speak up without being aggressive or withdrawing.

Through Leadership Embodiment you will be able to tap into your innate intelligence, creativity, confidence, wisdom and courage even in difficult circumstances.

Our body is an important center of intelligence that is often beyond our awareness. Energy organizes around what is most articulate in our system. However, we don't have to be stuck with our current patterns and through Leadership Embodiment we can develop increasing capacity to choose our responses in any given situation.