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Cape Town Level 2 Course – Harnessing the Energy

7 March @ 8:00 am - 8 March @ 5:00 pm


Leadership Embodiment Level 2 Harnessing the Energy
How the way you sit, stand, and move determines the way you think, speak, and act.

The world we live in is Brittle … it does not need much to disrupt the balance. Anxiety is spreading like never before among young and old people. Relationships between cause and effect are Non-Linear and the world has become an Incomprehensible web of systems.

Leaders, managers, coaches, teachers, and parents alike are challenged to guide and lead themselves and others through these turbulent times. We all face these demands in everyday life.
Sometimes we lose our balance and patience, reacting rather than responding, being irritated rather than calm and centered.

What’s required?
What we need in these turbulent times is:

  • Calm and inclusive leadership;
  • Guidance that inspires;
  • Authority without being authoritarian;
  • Less hierarchical and dominating and more creative and charismatic leadership.

Think of the people you meet for the first time who generate respect and inspiration. They don’t show up as bullies but seem to have a natural charisma that evokes respectful relationships and conversations. They seem to source it from an internal state and mindset. Their attitude and presence is communicated clearly and unmistakably and often mainly non-verbally.

Does this seem like a talent they are born with or do you agree that you can develop this, too?

  • To stand in the middle of the storm with calmness and dignity without becoming restless or being blown off course.
  • To include the people you might disagree with in conversations without polarisation
  • To be sensitive to what shows up in your field without losing clear sight of where you want to move forward to.
  • To keep and regain your balance when the ground you are on is shaking.

To develop these qualities, we need to become rooted in a Way of Being that supports a grounded and inspirational presence.

Would this be something you would be interested in developing, because:

  • As a coach you want to be present – fully and deeply available to your clients
  • As a leader, you are aware that you are the role model guiding those you are responsible for.
  • As a teacher, you would like to inspire with authenticity.
  • In family life, you want to take care of your relationships with your loved ones, including the future of your children.

Wendy Palmer has developed a system called Leadership Embodiment that has a proven track record worldwide in helping people to develop this mindset and physical presence. It offers:

  • A way of showing up and an attitude that does not polarize, but instead includes diversity in the dialogues we need to have, supporting a peaceful presence in the middle of stressful decision-making processes.
  • A way of engaging that prevents us from becoming defensive when we feel attacked and rather allows us to look for wisdom and peaceful dialogue.
  • A way of being that helps us to realise and achieve what is dear to us while taking care of the relationships that are important to us at the same time.

This system is rooted in two areas:
Firstly Aikido, a martial art that is neither aggressive, nor defensive, but creative and a way of handling conflict and differences that seems to be inspired by nature itself. We use the energy available to us to transform a situation, a conversation, or a relationship.

And secondly, mindfulness, so we can be present to whatever is arising without resisting, collapsing, or running away.

Leadership Embodiment is leadership rooted in our natural way of being physically present. The body is core to this approach and you will learn the tools and practices in Level 2 – Harnessing the Energy to allow you to access this.

Level 2 – Harnessing The Energy

Bruce Lee said it clearly, “Under duress, we don’t rise to our expectations, we fall to our level of training.”

  • Train your nervous system (which includes your perception and thinking) to be more relaxed and fluid in increasingly difficult and intense situations, and to have more choice.
  • Directly affect and influence the environment through your leadership presence.
  • Cultivate your magnetic leadership style.
  • Through increasing intensity of practice, become more effective quickly, with less effort and more impact.
  • Develop the body’s capacity for resilience, which is where our power resides.

About the Facilitators
Lisa Hansford is a certified Leadership Embodiment Teacher and Integral Coach.
She is passionate about working with people in a practical way to develop their skills so that they are able to make meaningful contributions to their organisations and be more effective in their relationships and life.

Karen White is the Regional Director for Embodiment International and is a certified Leadership Embodiment Teacher and Integral & Ontological Coach (MCC). She offers tools and practices that enable people to be more resourceful, effective and fulfilled.
Before moving into coaching Karen worked in corporate for 20 years, ultimately in a senior leadership position.

R5,500 ex VAT per delegate.
Please enquire for team bookings.

For more information and bookings please contact Lisa at lisahansford@mweb.co.za or on 083 324759.

For a booking form and the cancellation policy, download the brochure LE Level 2 Cape Town March 2024.


7 March @ 8:00 am
8 March @ 5:00 pm
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Kelvin Grove
144 Campground Road, Newlands
Cape Town, South Africa
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