What is Leadership Embodiment?
Leadership Embodiment offers tools and practices that help us be more effective in how we relate to ourselves, and others, particularly when we are under pressure and feel threatened. Instead of focusing on the mind and theory, the focus is on the body and using our energy to create a positive shift. There are 3 core competencies that the work develops:

  • Being inclusive, especially in difficult situations
  • Speaking up for what we believe in, even when there is strong resistance
  • Listening to everything that is being said without taking things personally

It has extensive application both personally and professionally, and has been used in leadership programs, coaching work, and business in general, as well as for personal development.

People who have experienced the work find it easy to apply in all aspects of their lives.

Our Leadership Embodiment Level 1 and Level 2 courses are ICF accredited and carry Continuing Coach Education (CCE) hours.CCE_BLACK